Inclement Weather Travel Procedure

Nov. 19, 2019

Inclement Weather Travel Procedure


Teams participating in Calgary United Soccer Association (CUSA) are expected to play all of their games; however it is not required nor expected of our teams to travel on highways inside or outside of the City of Calgary during extreme winter weather conditions. CUSA does not want to put any Coach, Player, or fan in a situation where they do not feel safe driving to a game and we encourage teams to use their best judgement when evaluating road safety. We encourage coaches to use road condition updates provided by the Government of Alberta along with Travel Advisories issued by local police and RCMP as resources when determining if travel is safe.

1) Definitions

A) Out of Town Team - Any team that is directly affiliated with one of the following clubs:

  1. Airdrie United Soccer Club
  2. Cochrane Rangers Soccer Club
  3. Cochrane Soccer Club
  4. Okotoks United Soccer Club
  5. Chestermere United

B) Travelling Team - The team required to travel outside the City of Calgary to reach the game location. For games scheduled in Calgary, the out-of-town team is considered the Travelling team. For games scheduled outside of the city, the Calgary team is the Travelling Team.

Major Highways  




Queen Elizabeth II Highway Between Airdrie and Calgary


Highway 1A between Cochrane and Calgary


Highway 2 and 2A between Okotoks and Calgary


Highway 1 &/or 1A between Chestermere and Calgary

Game Locations



Calgary Soccer Centre, Calgary West Soccer Centre, Genesis Centre


Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre


Genesis Place


2) Process for Road Closures and Travel Advisories

  1. The Alberta Road Report can be found at If the major highway is listed as closed or a travel advisory is announced within 4 hours of the game time, the game will be cancelled / postponed. Best efforts will be made by the league to have the game rescheduled; however field availability and timing in the season may prevent the game from being played.
  2. The Travelling Team is responsible for notifying the following;
    1. Referee Scheduler -
    2. CUSA office - Travel Policy and Procedure Date Approved: December 2, 2013 Last Revision: November 14, 2019 S:/CUSA Guidelines/policies for Board, Staff & Committees/membership policies/Travel Policy.docx
    3. Opponent - Each team has been provided the contact list for all CUSA teams. Failure to notify all of the above may result in the game being forfeited.

3) Process for games scheduled in Calgary between two Calgary based teams

  1. If the major roadways necessary to reach a game location are closed within 4 hours prior to game time the day of the game as per the City of Calgary and/or Calgary Police, for reasons other than regularly scheduled maintenance closures, then the game will be cancelled and rescheduled if possible. The home team will be responsible for notifying the following;
    1. Referee Scheduler -
    2. CUSA Office -

Failure to notify all of the above may result in the game being forfeited.



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