Intermediate C


Following the completion of League Play all teams will enter into a playoff round.  Once the final standings of the first 18 games are known the schedule will be updated to place the teams into the Playoff round.

The top 4 teams (Wolfpack, Notorious FUN, Goalschlager and Hat Trick Swayze) competing for the league championship will NOT be permitted to use any guest players throughout their playoff games.  

Teams outside the top 4 (Jimmy Kick Its, Timberhawks 2, Kensington Wednesday, Cheatos, CSC United, Turbo Turtles) are permitted to use eligible guest players

Reminder that rosters are locked after your last league game and no new players can be added after that point.  

COED Penalty Shoot Out Form 



** Kensington Wednesday and Cheatos have a bye** 

Date Field Time Home Team Away Team   Game #
Sat Mar 7 CSC - South 8:15pm Jimmy Kick Its Timberhawks 2 Int C Playoffs 1
Sat Mat 7 CSC - South 9:15pm CSC United Turbo Turtles Int C Playoffs 2
Sun Mar 8 CSC - Alpha 9:00pm Wolfpack Hat Trick Swayze Int C Playoffs 3
Sun Mar 8 CSC - South 9:15pm Notorious F.U.N Goalschlager Int C Playoffs 4




**Jimmy Kick Its and Turbo Turtles have a bye**

Date Field Time Home Team Away Team   Game #
Sun Mar 15 CSC - North 4:15pm Timberhawks 2 Kensington Wednesday Int C Playoffs 5
Sun Mar 15 CSC - North 5:15pm Cheatos CSC United Int C Playoffs 6
Tues Mar 17 CSC - South 8:15pm Winner of game 3 Winner of game 4 Int C Playoffs 7
Tues Mar 17 CSC - South 9:15pm Loser of game 3 Loser of game 4 Int C Playoffs 8




Date Field Time Home Team Away Team   Game #
Thu Mar 19 CSC - South 8:15pm Turbo Turtles Cheatos Int C Playoffs 9
Thu Mar 19 CSC - South 9:15pm Kensington Wednesday Jimmy Kick Its Int C Playoffs 10


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