Indoor 8v8

Rules of the Game Modifications

For the complete set of CUSA League Rules as it applies to the 8v8 Program please refer to the current edition of Rules and Regulations.  The following is a summary of common asked points.

League Structure:

League standings following the completion of the 2019 20 8v8 Season will be used to guide league structure for future seasons.  

  • Teams in the Championship round of the Open Competitive Division will be placed within the 2020 21 8v8 Major Division
  • Teams in the Consolation round of the Open Competitive Division will be placed within the 2020 21  8v8 Premier Division
  • Similar process will repeat with Open Intermediate and Masters Competitive. 
  • The Board may still consider placing teams directly into a Division to ensure competitive balance within the league.
    • Promotion and Relegation may be considered between divisions where results demonstrate the need.

Rules of Play:

8v8 games will align with Alberta Soccer's 2019-20 7v7,8v8,9v9 Modified Soccer Rules (Indoor)

All games will start on time as per the time clock. Teams will be allowed a grace period of 5 minutes after the designated kick-off time to comply with all rules.

The match will be officiated by two officials.  One referee (on field) and one Assistant Referee (off field).

Duration of League games shall be 2- 25-minutes halves, with a maximum 3-minute rest period between the halves.

Teams will be allowed 4 substitutions at a time.

  • Teams in Masters Recreation will be allowed unlimited substitutions at a time, at the discretion of the Assistant Referee.

The ball is out of play when it touches the ceiling or building structure overhanging the field of play. 

  • Restart: Throw-in to the opponents of the player last touched the ball, at the touchline closest to where the ball touched the ceiling or structure. Nov 2018

The offside rule which was previously used is no longer in effect. NO offside.

  • Goalkeepers can play the ball out in whichever way they want, including punting/drop-kicking.
  • Goal kicks may now first-bounce anywhere on the field, no restrictions.

Until the ball is in play, all opponents must remain at least 5 yards from the ball, unless they are on their own goal line between the goal posts.

If a player is sent off, their team is not reduced in numbers on the field, but the player takes no further part in the game and is subject to sanctions as per the CUSA Discipline Code.

  • Teams who receive more than 2 red cards in the same game will be required appear at a Discipline Hearing prior to next match and could face further sanctions.

Should there be a conflict between the information above and that contained in the Rules and Regulations, the Rules and Regulations will govern.


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